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Piranha Fishing on the Amazon River

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Fishing for Piranhas in the Amazon

15.06.2016 · Fishing for Piranhas in the Amazon River in Peru Travel Video Transcript: So it is 9 AM and we're back on the …

Brazil: Piranha Fishing on the Amazon

Piranha fishing remains a highlight of the four-day trip. I chose a family-run agency in Manaus that provided a detailed itinerary, simple but excellent food, and hammocks instead of air-conditioned cabins. On the Amazon, our destination was the Anavilhas Islands, known for its birdlife and wild beauty.

Full-Day Tour on the Amazon River

Full-Day Tour on the Amazon River from Manaus. 4.4 / 5 8 Reviews. ... Then enjoy a regional fish lunch and a spot of piranha fishing before heading back to ...

Fishing in the Amazon River– Best

Covering around 30% of South America, the Amazon River Basin is home to ... Fishing in the Amazon River– Best Known Fish ... live in piranha ...

Piranha fishing & caiman spotting on

We tried fishing in another spot a few minutes away by boat but had no further luck. We then decided to search for the Amazon river dolphins. I saw a grey ...

Amazon River piranha fishing on the …

Piranha fishing on the Yavari River. When I checked in at Amazon Jungle Trips and found that piranha fishing was one of the included activities, I was delighted. I enjoy fishing for anything, but to have the opportunity to catch a famed piranha was even better.

BLACK PIRANHA - Amazon River

Fishing for the Black Piranha, the strongest and the most dangerous river monster in the Amazon. The biggest of Amazon Piranhas, a fierce carnivore.

Piranha Fishing On The Amazon River

07.10.2015 · On the river, we passed palafitos — houses on stilts, guarding against the river’s rise and fall, a three-meter range during rainy season. Our guide, Anandi, provided more facts: …

Amazon Piranha Fishing | Amazon

However, in the Amazon these sharp-toothed fish are common, making their home in the rivers and tributaries that make up this vast eco-system. Fishing for piranhas on Amazon River trips is a great way to get closer to nature, and will finally give you the opportunity to come face to face with these almost mythical creatures.

The Amazon River - Piranhas! - Wattpad

Read Piranhas! from the story The Amazon River by mgedwards ... No trip to the Amazon would be complete without a piranha fishing expedition or souvenir.