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Cyclone Gita flattens Tonga's Parliament

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Cyclone Gita flattens Tonga's

Tonga's neighbours scrambled to deliver emergency relief on Tuesday after Cyclone Gita tore across the Pacific island nation in the middle of the night, flattening the Parliament, tearing roofs off homes and causing widespread flooding.

Cyclone Gita flattens Tonga's

A category four storm has caused widespread devastation throughout the Polynesian islands that make up Tonga.

Tonga clearing up after Cyclone Gita

The Pacific nation of Tonga is cleaning up damage from a cyclone that destroyed its Parliament House, as well as homes and churches, and was intensifying as it headed towards nearby Fiji.

Cyclone Gita tore through Tonga, …

Tonga residents woke up to chaotic scenes on Tuesday after Cyclone Gita tore through the Pacific island nation in the middle of the night, destroying homes, flooding neighborhoods and even flattening the country’s parliament building.

Cyclone Gita Tears Through Pacific …

13.02.2018 · Cyclone Gita's path of destruction is not yet over, however, as the storm continues to make its way towards Fiji's southern Lau islands, where it is expected to intensify to a Category 5 cyclone. Fiji's government has warned residents to expect strong winds, heavy rains and flooding.

Cyclone Gita flattens Tonga’s

The Polynesian island kingdom of Tonga in South Pacific was ravaged by a Category 4 tropical cyclone on 12 February which left homes flattened, trees uprooted and power lines damaged. Cyclone Gita was the strongest in 60 years to hit the island, which is a favourite among the tourists. › World

Cyclone Gita: Tonga's Parliament

The Parliament building in the Pacific country of Tonga has been flattened after a powerful cyclone battered the main island, causing extensive ...

‘Worst storm on record’: Cyclone Gita

However, Tonga’s 100-year-old parliament building is among the confirmed structural casualties. Tonga's Red Cross said the level of damage to crops, homes, vegetation and infrastructure is extremely high. A former member of parliament told RNZ that almost all the crops on the island of Eua had been destroyed.

Cyclone Gita: Tonga’s Parliament

Disaster officials in the Pacific country of Tonga are describing a night of horror after Cyclone Gita lashed the country, flattening the Parliament ...

Tonga parliament building flattened

13.02.2018 · The parliament building in the Pacific country of Tonga has been destroyed by the worst storm to hit the country in more than 60 years. Cyclone ...